A new one for the price of two

Bravo! You can repeat from memory that the primary colors are yellow, red and blue. Have you ever wondered why they are called primary? It is because they can not be formed by mixing any other color, on the contrary, when mix them, the result is all the other colors (I am speaking of pigments).  In simple mixtures, i.e. two primary colors, will result in a secondary color that will lean toward the strongest color or to that which you add more (i.e. reddish-violet or bluish-violet). Easy, three primary colors and three secondary colors.

Textile sculpture by Guerra de la Paz

Rainbow-hued felted acorns by Flickr user Lilfishstudios

Repeat after me.

Yellow + red = orange

Mark Rothko painting

Kenia Brea necklace inspired by Egon Schiele´s "Field of flowers"

Red + blue = purple

Christian Dior dress

Elizabeth Taylor´s “purple eyes”

Christian Dior dress

Blue + yellow = green

Christian Dior dress

Looking for resources for this entry, I found this beautiful song by Adolfo Utrera and Nilo Menendez, which I dedicate to the memory of my grandmother, Juana Maria, whose “green eyes, serene like a lake, in whose calm waters one day I saw myself. They do not know the sadness that, in my soul, they have left.  Those green eyes, that I never will forget”:  Aquellos Ojos Verdes – Green Eyes.