February is a doubly special month, we celebrate St. Valentine┬┤s day and my country┬┤s independence. Much has been written on love and much more will continue to be written, because it is the source of inspiration for every human activity. We talk about many kinds of love and, certainly, the concept is very broad to contain it in that one word or type.

Restarting the blog, after these days off, I could share interesting images about this subject, and I will in time, but let me share the words of Jesus when asked what he considered to be the most important of all commandments, to which He replied by saying that first it is to love God above all things and, second, to love our neighbor as ourselves, and that these two truths contained all the law and the prophets.

After a few days of reflection, I realize that for me, loving God is not a religion, but devotion and respect toward the Creator and his creation; and that to love one’s neighbor is not only to not hurt others, but to diligently seek how to do good to others.