Maison Legeron

Maison Legeron is the most prestigious fabric flower-making company in the world of haute couture, it´s located in Paris and is a family-owned business since late 1800´s. On their website, they explain perfectly the whole fabric flower making process, which is the same one that we so-called "flowermakers", as Rebeca says, use.

Alex Kanevsky

The first time I saw the work of this Lithuanian artist living in U.S. was in "Art in America" magazine, since then I visit his webpage. I love his work, so free and spontaneous; but, I love his willingness to share with the audience the process of his creations, somewhat lacking these days, much more.

Be Happy

"The Lion King" was the first movie Rebeca watched this New Year, claiming she could not remember it because she was very young when we went to watch the movie. Of course, afterwards, we were all singing "Hakuna Matata" that is a Swahili phrase that´s literally translated as "There are no worries"

Let´s keep celebrating!

I am sure that we still have some almonds from past holidays, as we are talking of blue things, take the opportunity to buy some blue cheese and prepare this delicious and easy recipe I found in the CopyKat webpage.

Blue Cheese Cheese Ball

Yield: 1 cheese ball.

8 ounces cream cheese

1/3 cup Danish Blue Cheese

1/2 cup sliced almonds or chopped walnuts

Allow cream cheese to soften by reaching room temperature. In a medium sized bowl combine cream cheese and 1/3 cup Danish Blue Cheese. Mix together well. Refrigerate overnight, the cream cheese will become solid again. Roll into a ball, and then place nuts into a bowl, and press the cheese ball firmly into the nuts.

Now, let me say some options I would like to try is to use a stronger flavored blue cheese.

Do you need more ideas for appetizers, look no further.

I warned you!

Those beautiful ancient bottles were decorated by a dominican designer, Rocío Jiménez, who used flotsam from Hurricane Irene, last August, and converted them into even more exquisite pieces. I suppose she used cooper tape and soldered them with tin; but in some cases, you can use plaster bandage instead to secure the desired elements. When the plaster dries up, apply paint to give it an antique look.


In the last few years I have been fighting with myself because I don´t want people to see me as a flower maker. When Rebeca wants to bother me she comes to my little flower textile studio and tells me: "remember, you are what you do". Looking at that bunch of organza blue flowers I made, I think I am starting to accept it.

The blue bird

These tiny birds remind me of the drama written by Maurice Maeterlinck. The writer suggets that happiness, The Blue Bird, is not found in a far away place. Happiness is found around us and the only way to find it is by changing our perception of things. In other words, to see the world with the most optimist and hopeful eyes.


Picture of a boy´s costume

I frequently look at children´s clothing, I think Spanish children fashion is my favorite because of the influence I received in my embroidery and sewing classes. Even if it isn´t so, to me it is fabulous.