Love nest

Text on Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo´s house

One of my memories is to see people painting their houses with whitewash and ultramarine blue that were sold in little tablets that women used while doing laundry to obtain whiter whites. I am sure Frida didn´t use it but the result was the same. How to speak about blue without mentioning Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo´s blue house?

The two sisters

A few years ago, I had the privilege to see some Theodore Chasseriau works that the Louvre Museum lent to be exhibited in my country; but, a bigger privilege for me as an artist is to know that he is from El Limón, Samana, Dominican Republic. Beside this being a masterpiece, it reminds me that the presence of the primary colors in any space brings perfect harmony.

Drawing, one of my trades

Drawing of a dog

One of my trades is drawing. Drawing anything from figurative to abstract. In this work I used chrome powder, wax and ink. The image is from an old, skinny dog from my father´s patio in the country side. Every thing that connects me with my childhood is whimsical.