Clock, stop your journey

February became a reality in my life in regards to friendship. About 17 years ago, I left my job in order to take up the most difficult and wonderful of enterprises, my family. Left behind was also a great friend with whom I shared the same office for nine years. Those who know me will understand how difficult it is for me to give credit to technology and this time, again, I have to do so. Thanks to FB, I found my friend Xiomara Jimenez, and eventhough there is still some catch up to do, as we say here in the Dominican Republic, it seemed as if time had not elapsed.

At that time, in addition to sharing the same technical trade, we shared a love for crafts. I taught her to embroider, and together we did small projects for her home and details for their children. I never thought she would become an events decorator and I, a visual artist. How many turns of fate, and how wonderful when those turns of fate you meet again with loved ones and so magical. You feel that time stopped and that you occupy the same place in the heart of that person and vice versa. That is what I call friendship, something we can not impose eventhough we put all our desire to it, and to me, rather than a spontaneous feeling and reciprocal, is a divine gift.

And just like old times, she honored me by allowing me to embroider the wedding dress for Linett, her eldest daughter, and to make their hairpieces, and citing the famous Mastercard ad: “priceless”.

February is long gone. I had promised to talk about my country, love and my grandmother. I hope others Februarys come, if I were there, I will have frozen time.