Photo by Mirna Mercke Schmidt

Photo by Mirna Mercke Schmidt

These wreaths are made with aromatic herbs that can be purchased at the supermarket; but, something that has always worked for me, is to take samples: small twigs of trees or shrubs growing in the neighborhood and note how long it lasts, in water and out of water. The adventure of seeking out those treasures of nature is undoubtedly priceless. Photo by Mirna Mercke Schmidt

Do-it-yourself: Wreaths

You will need wire (use a coat hanger), scissors, thread or floral wire and flowers.

Make a base using two wire coat hangers. Bind small bunches of flowers together using the thread or floral wire. Secure the bunches of flowers to the wire base using additional thread or wire.

I made these for our wedding, I had not yet discovered my artistic side, I was a full time secretary and I loved crafts.

Rebeca, Renée and the rest of the flower girls with their fresh flower wreaths that I made for, Patricia, one of my former Sunday school student´s wedding.

Another fresh and beatiful example: Kate Moss wedding party.

I warned you!

Those beautiful ancient bottles were decorated by a dominican designer, Rocío Jiménez, who used flotsam from Hurricane Irene, last August, and converted them into even more exquisite pieces. I suppose she used cooper tape and soldered them with tin; but in some cases, you can use plaster bandage instead to secure the desired elements. When the plaster dries up, apply paint to give it an antique look.

Creating memories


Taking advantage of the last days of the year-end celebrations, I want to share this inexpensive and beautiful idea that we can make at home with the family in a few minutes with moss, cone shaped foam and dry braches, decorate to your liking.

Picture of two girls holding a basket with pine cones.

Here come my models, my daughter Rebeca and my niece Renée, when this picture was taken, they had just turned 2 and were enjoying their first Christmas. I still use the same pine cones with the red bows, but I promised to do new decorations for next year´s Christmas tree. I must confess that I will not get rid of the pine cones.

These delicious cookies where prepared by my dear friend Jackie, her hobby is her passion. You can find great recipes on her blog.