DIY: Bib Necklace

We are approaching a special date: Valentine´s Day, a good excuse to dress-up. I found this project on the P.S.-I made this… site, that shows how to quickly and easily make a bib necklace can be the perfect complement for this or any other occasion. You can replace the pins with beautiful buttons, stones, found objects and anything you can think of, just put your imagination into gear.

From here to eternity

In the vast majority of cases, human creations come from visual references. With the exception of pure abstraction, man uses the perception of his environment to create shapes. Looking at this beautiful skeleton of the petals of Hydrangea flowers, I could not resist the idea of sharing some photos of works with lace, which, incidentally, is the preferred fabric in major haute couture collections for this present year. I loved the description from Wikipedia and I motivate you to at least find pictures of some of the mentioned types of lace, my favorites are the natural fiber, without underestimating the synthetic, often essential for jobs that require it.

When it comes to lace, I was immediately reminded of the Edwardian era, where fashion was completely overturned in the clothing that incorporated various design and exquisite lace from different backgrounds, as shown in the photograph dating from that period. Of course, even today, it is the inspiration for many fashion and accessory designers.

Two closely related elements since the beginning of a mankind are textile fibers and feathers, whether a primitive plume or amulet, or in the magnificent Victorian or Edwardian periods to the present, both will be part of the ornaments you and I wear, I show you a picture of how my workshop looks this week, this week, among other things, I created these fabric bird wedding cake toppers and some details of lace flowers.

Like every Friday, I would like to leave this DIY project, copied from one of the blogs I visit, which will, undoubtedly, be helpful for some of you.


Photo by Mirna Mercke Schmidt

Photo by Mirna Mercke Schmidt

These wreaths are made with aromatic herbs that can be purchased at the supermarket; but, something that has always worked for me, is to take samples: small twigs of trees or shrubs growing in the neighborhood and note how long it lasts, in water and out of water. The adventure of seeking out those treasures of nature is undoubtedly priceless. Photo by Mirna Mercke Schmidt

Do-it-yourself: Wreaths

You will need wire (use a coat hanger), scissors, thread or floral wire and flowers.

Make a base using two wire coat hangers. Bind small bunches of flowers together using the thread or floral wire. Secure the bunches of flowers to the wire base using additional thread or wire.

I made these for our wedding, I had not yet discovered my artistic side, I was a full time secretary and I loved crafts.

Rebeca, Renée and the rest of the flower girls with their fresh flower wreaths that I made for, Patricia, one of my former Sunday school student´s wedding.

Another fresh and beatiful example: Kate Moss wedding party.

Maison Legeron

Maison Legeron is the most prestigious fabric flower-making company in the world of haute couture, it´s located in Paris and is a family-owned business since late 1800´s. On their website, they explain perfectly the whole fabric flower making process, which is the same one that we so-called "flowermakers", as Rebeca says, use.