French kisses

Although the concept is very American, I loved this photograph of a child who instead of selling lemonade, we are accustomed to seeing through the media, is selling kisses.

The kiss is a gesture common among humans and among many animal species and it consists of touching something with the lips; and, the kiss benefits the health of those that give it and those who receive it.

The kiss, because of its connotation has been the inspiration for art in its various manifestations, as we can see in these pictures.

The Kiss (Gustav Klimt)

Alfred Eisenstaedt's V–J Day in Times Square

Pablo Picasso´s The Kiss

Still from "The Kiss" (1896 film)





Robert Doisneau´s The Kiss at the Hôtel de VilleEl beso del Hôtel de Ville. Robert Doisneau.







Auguste Rodin´s "The Kiss"













About 75 years ago my grandmother married my grandfather Alejandro. They came from a region with very primitive customs, so that in his machismo, she was only his wife. My grandmother never knew it, but she was very much ahead of her time, for many years, I saw her as an eccentric. Of course, as such, she could not stand my grandfather´s infidelities; and, two or three years later, ended their marriage, without giving him a chance.

Legal divorce was not necessary because my grandmother´s determination was unique and that was enough  for my grandfather to sleep by her feet for the rest of his days. After many years, up until 1973, following a request that my grandmother made to a Bible college, where she requested that missionaries be sent to take care of several temples she had built, Ramon Nunez arrived, he was the supervisor of the Methodist pastors in the norther region of the country, and she fell in love with him at first sight.

I cannot say anything in relation to her internal conflicts, only that her platonic love led her to write many poems and essays about love, all with figures of speech, trying to hide from the public and perhaps from herself, her feelings; feelings perceived by three girls who shared her roof for several months each year.

After a little more than a decade, both were widowed in their senior years, and got married (a relationship that lasted 24 years until her demise). The girls grew up and came to be their grandmother´s confidants. I can vouch that if she lived in this February, she could have taken these verses by Gabriela Mistral to dedicate to him.

There are kisses that speak for themselves
the guilty judgment of love,
some kisses are given with a look
some kisses are given with a memory.

And I would say, citing Gustavo Adolfo Becquer: Grandmother: “The soul that can speak with the eyes can also kiss with the eyes.”

Alex Kanevsky

The first time I saw the work of this Lithuanian artist living in U.S. was in "Art in America" magazine, since then I visit his webpage. I love his work, so free and spontaneous; but, I love his willingness to share with the audience the process of his creations, somewhat lacking these days, much more.

The two sisters

A few years ago, I had the privilege to see some Theodore Chasseriau works that the Louvre Museum lent to be exhibited in my country; but, a bigger privilege for me as an artist is to know that he is from El Limón, Samana, Dominican Republic. Beside this being a masterpiece, it reminds me that the presence of the primary colors in any space brings perfect harmony.