I love you

The heart symbol is most often associated with love. Throughout history we have depicted it in many ways and with different materials but with the same message: “I LOVE YOU”. Opinions differ about the origin of this association and I prefer to believe that it is simply because when we are close to our loved ones, in various situations, are heartbeat speeds up.

This beautiful message was done for me by my son, Juan José, while playing with cards on my bed.

It is difficult to talk about love as it shows itself in many ways. Anyway, each one of these qualities found in 1st Corinthians 13 should be present, although we have heard them repeatedly, I want to mention them again.

Heart amulets, Dynasty 19–20 (ca. 1295–1070 b.c.) Egyptian, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Love is “suffering”: it tolerates, it endures, it conforms, it adapts.

Ancient Heart for A.B. by Thalo-Porter

Love is “benign”: it is affable, it is kind, it is caring, it is selfless, it is compassionate and humane.

Kenia Brea ring pillow

Love “envieth not”: it is not greedy, nor resentful, nor upsetting, there is no rivalry.

Heart sculpture by Jim Dine

Love “does not boast”: it is not self-sufficient, there is no bravado, it is not insolent, it is not cocky, it is not vain.

"Hanging Heart" sculpture by Jeff Koons

Love “does not behave unseemly”: it does nothing illegal, it is not unfair, it is not incorrect.

Finally, “does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Although the message of this song is opposed to what is stated above, while searching for hearts, I remembered Americo, who in sculpture classes, repeated it incessantly.


In the last few years I have been fighting with myself because I don´t want people to see me as a flower maker. When Rebeca wants to bother me she comes to my little flower textile studio and tells me: "remember, you are what you do". Looking at that bunch of organza blue flowers I made, I think I am starting to accept it.

New year makes some dreams come true

I am so happy, excited and with great expectations for the new year. My on-line store is practically ready and the dream comes true. When I put a piece of tulle, some petals, leaves and little branches on her hair, and held it together with a pin, it was the moment when I decided consciously what I wanted to do with this “trade”.

A personal touch

Picture of a girl wearing a red dress.

Girls have a special space in my soul. I still want to be a girl, the most special time in my life. I am sure that this girl feels like a princess in that red flowered collar dress.

Picture of a red dress.

I love that red dress. I used this image as an example when I conducted fabric flowers courses because it is a good model for the students to recreate in order to give their indumentary a personal touch.

Picture of girl with accesories

Rebeca is wearing accessories I made for her, my favorite palette of colors when it comes to textiles.